Starting March 22, tune in for tales from days gone by. I plan on progressing chronologically, starting in 1964 when many of us were going into first grade. [I moved to Summit in 2nd, myself.] Just understand, if I can gain easy access to some of the information, it might take 30 years to get to 1976.

I did just go to the archives of the Summit Historical Society (nice chat with Art Cotterell there) and we can’t as yet find ’64. But in looking at 1973, in the 1/4 edition of the Summit Herald, the headline concerned a tragic fire on Hobart Ave. that claimed 3 lives on New Year’s Day. A week later there was a bad fire at the Fountain Baptist Church.

By the way, 8 weeks of dog obedience school set you back $25 in ’73. Herman’s World of Sporting Goods at the Livingston Mall had a big sale on Rossignol fiberglass skis (plus bindings and poles) for just $119. And check out these home prices…individual addresses not listed.

6 BR, 3 1/2 baths…$67,000

6 BR, 2 1/2 baths…$72,000

Finally, playing at the Strand Theatre in ’73…”Ryan’s Daughter”

Next time, if I can’t find 1964’s Heralds, I’ll commence with ’65.

Brian Trumbore


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