Beginning March 22, I will be posting tidbits pertaining to events that happened during our high school years. The goal is to have something new every few weeks. Granted, it might be heavy on sports, but you’ll get a kick out of it.

For example, in the Jan. 4, 1973 edition of the Summit Herald (we were freshmen), the Varsity basketball team was off to a flying 6-0 start. Key players were Willie Wilson (a junior then), John Carroll, Colin Leisher, Bill George, Johnny Foushee, Tony Zackery and Paul Paytas.

But I saw that in the 8th-9th grade rec league, Ron Ruppert, ‘Bob’ Guida and Kevin Kline “started playing more aggressively” as the Knicks defeated Dave Connelly and Rich Boyd’s Celtics, 35-34. I forgot yours truly was on a team that winter with Bob Segalla, Mike Gordon, Larry Rose and Jerry Petracorro. We walloped Frank Rea’s squad, 80-40! [Rea tickled the twine for 18, however.]

And also in the Herald on 1/4/73: “Summit High Band to Get a New Look and Uniforms”

Including for the Steppettes, Color Guard and Twirlers, the campaign goal was just $16,000; $150 per uniform. Malcolm Hopkins, president of the Summit High School Band Parents Association, said it was clear with the hiring of new director of music Angie Merola that we needed a new appearance to go along with our “new competence.”

So that should give you a little flavor of what I’ll be doing with this space.

*Just a note on a more recent SHS alum. I saw that 2005 grad Wellington Smith scored 10 points in 10 minutes for West Virginia in its first round Big East tourney game. [He went to prep school for a year and is a freshman.]

Brian Trumbore


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