I wasn’t able to get over to the Historical Society, as I had hoped, to do more research, but Leah Morgan Korbel came through for me in a big way by finding a cache of Tempest issues, our paper.  I will resume my own work on Jan. 10 and get back on a normal routine at that time.


Tempest…Sept. 26, 1973 [Excerpts]

“What’s Happening?”

What’s happening lately at Summit High?  Not very much of great news value, as it will probably take awhile before things really start moving….

As far as the machinery of higher education, there appear to have been some problems with the Senior Elective English courses, a majority of the Seniors having been assigned to one-semester English courses within the first half or the second half of the year.  It was felt by the Guidance Staff and the English Department that two periods of English a day might prove to be too heavy a burden for many people.  For this reason, Ms. Alice Boyle visited all English classes and took a survey of those students who were in this situation, offering an easy transfer, so that the course load would be more normally balanced….

The incoming Sophomore class [us!] is an impressive one, and with their multiple talents in all areas of school life, it is expected that their contributions will be varied and many.

“Hilltoppers Look To Fill Key Spots” by Rob Oliynik

Although the Hilltoppers lost a lot of good players to last June’s graduation, Coach Howard Anderson and his coaching staff are confident they can fill the key positions.

The offense looks strong with Willie Wilson coming off an excellent junior year.  Wilson will play wingback, a position which enables him to make full use of his talents in both running and catching the ball.  Willie will also handle the kicking chores and play safety on defense.

At quarterback there is George Gross, who, despite a minimum of varsity game experience, has looked impressive in scrimmages.

The tailback will be Ernie Gwathney, who is a solid runner and a good blocker.

The fullback job will go to Chuck Wiebe.  Chuck is a fast improving runner, and a tough competitor.

The receiving looks good with John Foushee at split and Anthony Zachary at tight end.  Both have good speed.

“Summit Defeats Westfield” by Tim Ilsley

The Summit Varsity Soccer team started its season on a cheerful note by defeating Westfield in an exhibition game, 1-0.

Summit’s lone goal was scored by Matt Boyer in the 4th quarter off an assist by Ramon Gordon.  Good defense and brilliant goalkeeping by John Combias was more than enough to stop Westfield’s attack….

There have been two new additions to the Summit Soccer Squad.  Martin Angus, who moved from Kingston, Jamaica, to Summit, and Phil Rogers, who moved from Surrey, England.

“Merola’s Music” by Marion Merchant

Did you know that the Summit High School Band is a very active group of the student body?….The marching band consists of 96 members who are enthusiastic and work like dogs to be good musicians.  The entire marching unit consists of 187 members….

The Band is also planning on an exchange concert with Canada and it promises to be a huge success.

[Editor: Yikes, did we do this?  I was in the band and I don’t remember.]

“Summit Striders To Open Season” by Rob Oliynik

The Summit High Cross-Country team opens their seaon on Friday, Sept. 21, against Verona and Hillside.  The Hilltoppers will field a strong team of experienced seniors and fast improving juniors and sophomores.

Coach Tom Washburn, who saw his team win 12 and lose 3 a year ago, feels his two top runners are probably Mike Paytas and Mark McMinimy.  Other seniors include Tim Herman, Scott Sellers, Bob Koppenol, Chuck Carbone, Rob Williams, and Mark Cotter.  The lone junior is Pete Nix.

New to this year’s squad is a group of sophomores: Jeff Newell, Paul Reich, Bill Zalewski, Mike Rivero and Brian Trumbore.

Also new to this year’s team is a senior girl, Kitty Nolan, who is the first girl to ever run for the Cross-Country team.

[Editor’s Note: I was not a “fast improving” sophomore.]

“Sports Bias”

Several days after school began on September 5, all Summit High students were given a 1973-74 fall sports schedule listing sites, opponents, days and times, etc.  The sports listed were Cross Country, Varsity and J.V. Soccer, Girls Tennis, Varsity and J.V. Football, and Varsity and J.V. Field Hockey.  You’d never guess there were so many by looking at the cover of the schedule, because representing fall sports was a single football.

You may say, “Well, so what?” but this is one more slap in the face to the hard working team members of the other sports, besides football.  It is just great that football games are well attended, popular events; no one is saying anything is wrong with that.  But put yourself in the place of the other teams.  How must they feel when they are constantly being pushed into the background, when they get less publicity?  Less favor?  Several times last year there were even “special” public announcements over the P.A. system from the principal urging everyone to get out and support the football team.  Soccer is equally important to soccer enthusiasts, tennis just as vital to tennis players, and so on.  Please, how about a little less bias, a little more even spreading of the over-all “pep.”


Remember the Student Activities Cards?

Back to our routine…and game summaries of Willie’s senior year…on or before Jan. 10.



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