School didn’t open until Thurs., Sept. 9.  ‘Sup with that?  I mean, heck, the Summit Concert Band performed at Briant Park that evening.  On a school night!

The big story during this time was the proposal to build a par-3 golf course…the Summit Muni!  The cost was expected to be $79,000 with Hal Purdy of Short Hills as the architect.  Purdy had designed Fairmount in Chatham Township.  The Muni was scheduled to be completed late 1966 and opened in ’67.

Common Council ended up approving the project, 6-1, with the lone dissenter being Phillip Trowbridge, who said we have more pressing matters and that Summit was already “ringed with golf courses.”  Well, needless to say Mr. Trowbridge had to be reminded that the likes of Canoe Brook and Baltusrol were not exactly the kinds of clubs everyone could play, let alone join.  In other words, Mr. Trowbridge was more than a bit naive.

Howie Anderson’s varsity football squad looked to improve off its dismal 2-6-1 season in ’64. 67 went out for the team.  But North Plainfield defeated the Hilltoppers 13-6 in the opener.

Next door, New Providence won its first varsity football game in school history, defeating Randolph 26-6 for Coach Frank Bottone (who is still there).

A dozen eggs were just 39 cents at Kings.  100 aspirin, 59 cents.  [Wish I had loaded up at that price, though being just seven like the rest of you, it probably would have raised some eyebrows in the checkout line.]  A package of 8 Oscar Mayer weiners was the same 59 cents.

Construction was still ongoing at Brayton and Washington schools.

Louvis’ Charcoal Delight advertised “Mom and Dad and 3 children can dine for less than $6.00.”  $6.00!  For five!  Goodness gracious.

When you look through the old Summit Heralds, you can’t help but be struck by the pictures of those celebrating 35th or 40th anniversaries at Bell Labs.  Those were the days.  Good, secure jobs.

Yikes.  A 16-year-old girl was walking through a downtown parking lot on a Sunday morning when she was forced into an assailant’s car and taken to Surprise Lake.  Witnesses said the car had New York plates.  This story didn’t end well.

At The Strand, Jimmy Stewart in “Shenandoah,” one of my personal favorites that always seemed to be on “Saturday Night at the Movies” in succeeding years.  And…”McHale’s Navy joins the Air Force.”

Bob Dylan was performing at Newark Symphony Hall, Sat., Oct. 2, with tickets ranging from $2.75 to $4.50.  “Like a Rolling Stone” debuted that August and would peak at No. 2 a month later.

Next installment, Dec. 3.



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