Wow…big goings on in the fall of ’64.  Police were warning women to watch their purses as seven had been snatched from local establishments.  Yes, too many of our mothers were leaving their purse on the store counter, and then strolling about; or in the shopping cart while they checked out another aisle, or Dashing Danny at the meat counter.  [Just kidding!]  There were also three cars stolen in two days, which was a pretty big deal back then.

Meanwhile, Summit resident Dr. Walter Brattain was celebrating 35 years at Bell Labs in Murray Hill.  And who was Walter Brattain?  Just a Nobel laureate (1956) for his pioneering work on the transistor with two other Bell Labs heroes, Dr. John Bradeen and Dr. William Shockley.

The 1964 edition of the Summit Varsity football team was facing the loss of All-State stars John Mallory and Sid Rines to graduation.  But get this…81 tried out…and Coach Howie Anderson planned on keeping 60.  These days, Summit is lucky to dress 25.  [The 2006-07 academic year has not been a good one for Summit athletics, incidentally; at least in the traditional big three sports.]

Remember the Balish football forecast?  Well, for the week of 9/24/64, it was predicting Summit would defeat a major powerhouse at the time, North Plainfield, 19-6 in the opening contest on Sept. 26.  We’ll find out the result next time.

In other assorted news:

Playing at The Strand, Vittorio De Sica’s “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” starring Sophia Loren and Macello Mastroianni.  You’ll have to excuse your editor for opining that Ms. Loren was at her gorgeous best in those days.  [Heck, she still is!]  One week later at The Strand… Steve “Hercules” Reeves and Gordon “Tarzan” Scott in “Duel of the Titans.”  Gordon Scott just died the other day.

A 1/2 gallon of Ambassador Deluxe Scotch set your father back $13.99.

A package of Oscar Mayer skinless franks was 59 cents.

And at Tepper’s…women’s haircuts, $2.50.  “Lively and lighthearted…like a smile that goes to your head…”

Our congresswoman, Flo Dwyer, in office four terms at this point, was running for reelection and held a fundraiser…$7.50 per plate.

Next time…”Republicans for LBJ”…seems that GOP nominee Barry Goldwater was going to have a rather tough time of it in November.

More…June 7



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