From the pages of the Summit Herald…Summit family income ranked 4th in the state behind Millburn, South Orange, and Princeton in ’64. [The figure was $16,088 after taxes.] Funny how the article also mentioned that Scarsdale, NY, was #1 in the country.

“The Carpetbaggers” was at The Strand. Starring George Peppard and Carroll Baker, this was labeled “adult entertainment.”

A Berkeley Heights couple died in a boating accident. The article didn’t say where or how, but noted they left an estate of $13,800.

An editorial in the paper talked about the small lobster catch that summer. Every few years this seems to be the case for the Mainers.

And did you know that back in the summer of 1964, Summit had fewer overdue library books than East Orange? This was a big issue then. [Slow news week.] However, this is true; police in East Orange were ready to pounce on four particular borrowers “and hustle them off to jail if the books weren’t promptly returned.” No wonder some of us were afraid of the library back in the day.

A Plymouth Valiant set you back $1799 in ’64. And following “The Carpetbaggers” at The Strand was “Robin and the 7 Hoods” with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and a cameo by Bing Crosby.

The Herald was loaded with anniversaries at Bell Labs; 35, 40 years. My how things have changed. For those of you long removed from Summit, Bell Labs’ Murray Hill site is now the North American headquarters for Alcatel-Lucent. Normally the big lawn is nothing but geese.

[By the way, in the here and now, again for you out of towners, coyotes have been spotted frequently in Summit. Remember when a bunny rabbit was a big deal? There have been more than a few bear sightings the past few years as well.]

Back to 1964, boy, there sure were a lot of awful auto accidents to report on. The week of 8/20, three Summit residents were killed in two separate crashes. Safety wasn’t one of Detroit’s big concerns in those days, that’s for sure.

When I report next, April 26, we’ll be starting the 1964 school year.


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