The Board of Health announced that in 1964, there were 363 births in Summit, 199 deaths and 200 marriages.

Bids on a project for the new Rt. 78 segment from Summit through Millburn came in at $10.4mm to $13mm.  I can’t imagine what this would cost today.  Repaving an exit ramp seems to cost $10mm.

New Providence was fielding its first football team this fall, 1965, with Coach Frank Bottone, who is still there today.

The Summit school system was opening the new year with a record 4,800 students.

I saw three photos in the Herald of Bell Labs employees who were each celebrating their 35th anniversary there in Murray Hill; a reminder of the tragic fall of the Labs and successor Lucent, which last week announced it was further reducing its research effort.

While I have a policy of not naming folks involved in accidents, I wonder if Ruth P., then 39 and of Short Hills, is still alive?  You see, Ruth tried to “locate 19 Beacon Road and attempted to turn using the drive at 20 Beacon.  During her effort, she allegedly struck a tree, upset some rocks which fell on the car, and then backed into two watering cans.”  Ruth suffered head lacerations.

And a woman in Summit badly burned herself when she attempted to light the gas stove.  Police said she “turned on the gas and waited too long before lighting it,” causing a flash fire.  All of us have a near disaster story like that, I imagine.

No wonder Woolworth’s went out of business.  They were selling 9X12 foot rugs for $11.88.

Remember J. Walguarney, the clothing store on Springfield?  Pullover sweaters were $12.95, which almost seems expensive.

But at Root’s, white Levi’s could be had for $5.98………then three weeks later they were running ads selling them for $4.25.

I may have mentioned this place before, but I couldn’t remember Phifer’s Animal Farm in Gillette.  They had a lion there, for crying out loud.

Six boys from New Providence and Summit, age 15 to 17, were arrested after a string of car thefts and robberies in town.

The beginning wage for a Summit policeman was $6,800.

At The Strand…

“Cat Ballou” with Jane Fonda, Lee Marvin and Nat King Cole
“Von Ryan’s Express” with Trevor Howard and Frank Sinatra
“What’s New Pussycat” with Peter Sellers, Peter O’Toole, Woody Allen and Ursula Andress.  I wasn’t allowed to go to this one.

More stuff from the fall of ’65, Oct. 15.



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