[Posted 8/7]

Howie Anderson formally stepped down as baseball coach after 12 years.  His last two squads went 37-6 with a Union County and state sectional championship.  Howie, just 42, was forced to give up the post due to his taking over the athletic director duties.  I mention the age only because he would of course stay on as head football coach, a post he had already held 17 years!  Meanwhile, Art Cotterell, freshman baseball coach for 7 seasons, would take over the varsity.  Art was rather fortunate to inherit a team that would have Willie Wilson and George Gross for their senior campaigns.

The Summit Herald had a piece on track coach Rich Thomasey, touting his decathlon credentials.  Thomasey won the NJ AAU decathlon while at Rider College, and was 4th at a U.S. Track and Field Federation meet.  Not too shabby, Coach. [And a helluva guy…we’d all agree.]

So it’s summer of ’73 and in those days they held track events at Tatlock and I see that in the junior high sprint division, Chris Dillingham won the 100 in a sizzling 11.3, with Mike Cook taking second at 11.6.  Yes, we had blazing speed in our class, sports fans.

And in the men’s recreation softball league, The Sounds, led by pitcher Dwight Weaver, were on top with a 14-0-2 mark, with West Summit Garage and hurler Don Geddis 2nd at 12-5-0.  West Summit’s attack featured Connie and Willie Horn.  I may have said Pete Horn was on this team in an earlier piece. Pete actually pitched for American Legion.

Lastly on the sports beat, Colin Leisher, who had just graduated, was given a 2-year baseball scholarship at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Fla.  A New Jersey scout said Leisher was definitely a “major league prospect.”  Alas, he would suffer a crippling injury, if I remember right.

But now it’s time for the crime blotter…and in July there was an armed robbery at Brookdale Deli.  A man wearing a handkerchief over his face and brandishing a gun, walked in at 10:58 in the morning and herded the owners and two employees down into the basement.  [No customers were in the store at the time.]  But on the way down the stairs, the gun went off, accidentally, and the bullet hit the floor.  Anyway, no one was hurt but the dirtball got off with $300 to $400.  The suspect should be considered armed and dangerous and if you see him, contact the police.

The Suburban Hotel was sold to Al Stone.  Previous owners Mr. and Mrs. Harry Taylor remained as residents.  [After our freshman year in college, Robbie Steele and yours truly worked as busboys/waiters here…and we had a blast.  I also spilled a pot of coffee during a wedding reception and should have been fired, but that’s a different story.]

Finally, for those of us who went to Brayton School, did you know that when we were there, our day started at 8:30 and it was 8:45 for the other schools?  I have no idea why that was so but the Herald made note of it because 3rd grade classes, system-wide, were being extended to 3:00 from 2:30.

More Sept. 13.



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