Yes, I found the 1964 Summit Heralds at the Summit Historical Society. There’s only one problem working with these. Afterwards you smell like a 43-year-old newspaper.

So I thought we’d start with the summer of ’64, before most of us would enter first grade. Yes, this column could take awhile…like decades until we get to 1976.

But for now, on July 2 we were preparing for the Fourth of July festivities at Memorial Field. There was to be a circus that day, and a minimum $2 contribution per family was the recommended donation. In the July 9, 1964 edition of the Herald I would then learn on the 2nd it hit 99 degrees in Summit, while for the 4th, 9,000 packed Memorial Field, though this was less than prior years.

And guess who won the contest for best decorated bicycle? Why if it wasn’t Julie Nelson.

After the holiday, “5,000 children swarmed the city’s five playgrounds”; Memorial, Tatlock, Edison, Lincoln and Mabie. Ah, those were the days, except knock hockey got a little old after awhile.

Here are some prices from July 1964.

At King’s: 4 doz. eggs for $1.00; a package of 8 hot dog rolls, 19 cents; 100% Colombian Coffee, 69 cents a can.

At Tepper’s, girls, Amalfi shoes, regularly $15.95-21.95, now on sale for $10.90-$12.90.

At Roots, men’s white dress shirts, 65% Kodel, 35% cotton, were selling for $5.00.

You could also purchase four Firestone DeLuxe Champion tires for $38.88.

As for real estate, there were no pictures with the listings back then but you can imagine some of these.

In Summit: 3 BR, 2 1/2 BA, “square rec room,” large patio, stone fireplace…mid-30s.

In Short Hills: 4 BR, 3 1/2 BA, Colonial, air-conditioned, priced in the “30s.” It seems the owner was being transferred and was in a bit of a rush to sell.

Playing at the Strand, Best Picture winner “Tom Jones,” plus “The Wackiest Ship in the Navy” with Jack Lemmon and Ricky Nelson.

And since this was 1964, remember the World’s Fair was taking place over in Flushing Meadows. There was actually a Summit Day at the Fair and the city chartered 25 buses for 1,350 residents! You left at 9:00 am and returned at 9:00 pm. Goodness gracious, that must have been a nightmare.

I’ll have another few tidbits around March 29.



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