[Posted 8/5/08]

Building was booming in town, led by the start of Overlook Hospital’s $6 million addition.  [It would probably cost about $80 million today.]

Rumors of a halt in commuter train service was still a big concern.  Studies showed that Summit would lose a ton of its residents were this to be the case.  Coincidentally, the latest survey ranked Summit No. 1 in Union County with an average household income of $16,744; 4th in the state behind Millburn, South Orange, and Princeton.

Root’s clothing store goes co-ed with the opening of Adam’s Rib.  For those of you who haven’t been back to the area in years, Roots Steakhouse, located in the old Roots building, is one of the more popular eateries in the area and a real hot spot on Thursday nights.  [Ahem ahem]

The Herald had a story on how kids, and their parents, were showing a real lack of respect for police.  Not much has changed on this front 43 years later.

Remember during the spring of ’65 how Common Council was wrangling with the debate over “smut” and the problem with kids under 18 buying it at newsstands?  Well, after a three-month trial of news dealers policing themselves, Council declared itself satisfied.  There were 14 declared news dealers back then, if you can believe it.

In the first 4th of July Softball Classic between the police and firemen, the firemen destroyed the police 22-4.  Both parents and kids then ridiculed the cops.  Incidentally, 9,000 attended the all-day festivities at Memorial Field.

Last time I wrote of a Berkeley Heights man who had died after inhaling insecticide he was applying on his plants.  It turns out the Feds became involved in the case and an official cause of death was being delayed pending more testing.  One theory had it that the man had come in contact with two insecticides, while others thought the spray had nothing to do with his death.

And in another real tragedy, Summit lost its third child of the year to an accident; this time a boy was struck by a car while on his bicycle and the driver was charged with vehicular homicide.  The other two boys were struck and killed crossing the street.

At The Strand, “Operation Crossbow” with Sophia Loren and George Peppard…and…”The Train” with Burt Lancaster.  [Now that was a classic.]

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