$32,000 in scholarships was handed out to SHS seniors.  I bring this up because I’m involved in the New Providence High School scholarship night (as a presenter), and the total handed out isn’t much higher, 35 years later.  $1,000 back then was huge.

At the Strand, “The Sugarland Express” with Goldie Hawn, plus Walter Matthau in “Charley Varrick.”

Dr. Robert Salisbury, former superintendent of Summit, was cleared of illegalities by an Illinois grand jury.

More notes on the Summit High baseball season, a disappointing 13-8, 8-6 in Suburban Conference play, in Art Cotterell’s first year at the helm.  Think about it…Willie Wilson, George Gross, and classmate John Merchant all played pro ball.  But here’s some trivia.  Gross hit .444 (matching Wilson’s school record from Willie’s junior year), while Willie hit .436.  Who was the only other Hilltopper to hit .300?  Bobby Cotterell, .333. [OK, he was just 1-for-3, but it kind of shows you the lack of depth behind Wilson and Gross.]  Wilson was named All-State catcher, surprise, surprise, by the Star-Ledger.

And with Willie graduating and heading off to the Kansas City Royals, the Summit Herald ran the following editorial.

“We Knew Him When”

He earned through dint of hard work, amazing ability and team work, numerous honors and awards.  Many look upon him as one of the nation’s great young athletes.  We agree….

It is rare for any one person to achieve what Mr. Wilson did during his playing days for Summit.  His exploits will be difficult to match, and during the years he played for Summit High, he certainly put this city on the map athletically.

We wish him all the luck and congratulations we can muster up.  That Summit is proud of Willie Wilson, goes without saying.  He is not only a great athlete; but a great gentleman and we’re proud to know him.

We predict great things for Willie and are sorely eager to eventually say, ‘Yes, sir, we knew Willie Wilson when…’  Our hats off to a great guy.

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