[Posted 5/27/08]

Not a heckuva lot going on during this stretch back then.  I did see that the Summit Schools Booster Association was going to have Cincinnati Royals basketball star Oscar Robertson speak at its upcoming awards banquet.  And Summit held its first annual arts show on the Village Green, with among the performers being the Senior High School band under the direction of Harry Hannaford, while the Junior High Band was led by Joseph Loretti, one of the more interesting figures from our past, pre-Angie.

YES was gearing up for summer, hoping to find work for about 100 kids in baby-sitting, office and yard work.  I wonder if YES is still around, seeing as how few kids these days have the kinds of summer jobs we all did.

The Great Swamp won a national award for putting in the wildlife blind, the raised platform you’ve probably all been on at one time or another.

The Varsity baseball team was going through a very mediocre season with a 5-7 Suburban Conference mark.

But I thought this was interesting.  Berkeley Heights and the Mt. Carmel folks were hosting the Sells and Gray 3-ring circus.  “Price Gabor battling African lions in the Steel Arena!”  Can’t say I remember attending this one.  I also can’t imagine the animals were treated too well.

At the Strand, “Cheyenne Autumn,” and then a double-feature for adults only…”Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, and then “Divorce Italian Style.”  I’m assuming your folks got a baby-sitter for you.

Here are some representative prices from the era:

12 cans of soda, 89 cents

Highland Mist Scotch, $4.79/fifth

Two Firestone tires for $36.00

A sleeve of Spalding golf balls for $1.33

Levi’s Sta-prest slacks, $6.98

Center cut chuck steak, $0.39/lb.

A large package of Tide, 27 cents

But check out these home prices.

6BR Colonial, 22 Beechwood Rd., near New Providence train station…$30,800

5BR Colonial, Lincoln School district…$32,500…unreal

And last, “Bald Men Wanted…To Learn About Taylor Toppers – The World’s First Practical, Truly Undetectable Hairpieces.” This is before Giuseppe Franco, you understand.

More, July 10.  A strange death in our area from ’65…if you keep it where it is.



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