City Council extended Sunday cocktail hour to 9 pm from 8 pm. And get this, you are now allowed to drink in "hotel bedrooms." If you're thinking this is absurd, you weren't the only one. Prior to the change in regulations, it was actually illegal to drink in your room Sunday evenings, not that the ordinance was ever policed.

I couldn't help but notice a meeting of the Old Guard, which was showing a film strip of a Mediterranean cruise. Remember film strips? Your children just wouldn't understand.

Goodyear Tire and Auto Center had a deal where they would take off your snow tires, mount the regular ones, rotate, and adjust the brakes…all for only $1.99.

Swordfish steaks, 69 cents a lb. Porterhouse steaks, 89 cents a lb. Jane Parker Danish Pecan Rings…just 43 cents. I should have bought a few hundred of those and frozen 'em.

This was an awful stretch in Summit and nearby for accidents. A second young boy, this one just 8-years-old, was struck and killed in town while crossing the street in just a month, while there was a bizarre accident involving the asst. principal at Gov. Livingston. I don't want to mention names in these situations, but the man was killed "when a garden sprayer exploded in his face." It seems he was filling the tank of a 2 1/2-gallon unit with compressed air when it broke apart. A handle from the tank struck him above the right eye, killing him instantly.

The police think the bottom of the tank fell out as he was filling it with the air, and then the main part of the tank shot upward and split apart. The police had no idea why he was putting air in a tank normally used to spray chemicals on shrubs.

Back to lighter fare, "Cleopatra" was held over at the Strand Theater, after "Mary Poppins" had played there, while the Summit Varsity baseball team was off to a rough 3-4 start.

Next installment won't be until around May 29, if not sooner.



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