My session looking up old Summit Heralds was suddenly shortened the other day, though it’s not worth getting into the details.  I’ll pick up the formal story next time, but for now, Art Cotterell was about to embark on his first season at the helm of the Varsity Baseball squad.  George Gross, Bob Miller, Dave Sehnert, and Rob Kelley were expected to be the pitchers, with Willie Wilson, Gross, Kelley, Bill Clancy, Dan McGurk, Tom Sieben, and classmates Alan Wessel and Joe Osmulski providing the run support and filling out the starting lineup.

Classmate Kathy Heddy, swimming in a regional meet up at Yale, set new U.S. records in the 100- and 200-freestyle.  She was then set for the U.S. Championships.

In track and field, Coach Rich Thomasey said “The Rock is Back,” meaning Ernie Gwathney.  Far more next go ’round.

But as filler I turn to The Tempest, Oct. 10, 1973 (courtesy of Leah Morgan Korbel).  The big topic then was “Sexism at Summit High?” by Fred Johnson and Gigi Reynolds.

“Last spring, there appeared to be much enthusiasm over the appointment of Laura Wanco (formerly Menza) as the year’s Men’s Tennis Team coach.  Special attention was paid to the fact that Summit High had a woman coaching the men’s team, as was evidenced by the full page feature on Ms. Wanco in the Newark Star-Ledger, as well as an article in the New York Times.  Her first season saw 11 wins, 3 losses in the Suburban Conference.  Pleased with her success, she had no reason to believe that she would not be returning as coach of the 1973-74 Men’s Tennis Team.

“Last summer, while interviewing Roger Stein for a position teaching English, Mr. Joseph Della Badia noted in his credentials that his background included tennis activities.  As a matter of procedure, Mr. Della Badia referred Mr. Stein to Howard Anderson, head of the Athletics Department.  While Mr. Anderson states that he ‘was not actively seeking a new coach for the boys’ team,’ Stein was approached about the possibiity of his being interested in a tentative coaching assignment if the position were to become available.

“Returning in September, Ms. Wanco assumed that she would again be coaching the men’s team in the spring.  In August she had received a letter from Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Fiander, notifying her of her appointment to the position of women’s tennis coach.  She accepted this position, bearing in mind that her coaching responsibilities in the fall would not interfere with her coaching the men’s team.  As she was not approached about her status as men’s tennis coach, she inquired and was eventually told that she would not be needed as men’s coach anymore.  Because of this change from men’s tennis to women’s tennis, Ms. Wanco would be receiving a salary less than half of what she had previously received.”

Well, this didn’t go over real well in certain circles.  Howie Anderson said “A man can motivate men better than a woman could because they are thinking alike and know what would appeal as far as motivation is concerned.”

Now discuss amongst yourselves…35 years later.

In defense of Roger Stein, when I had him senior year, a bunch of us used to go golfing at the Muni during lunch hour and we’d casually return about 15 minutes into Stein’s class.  He questioned us and I really can’t remember what my excuse was (probably ‘bettering mankind’), but Roger didn’t raise a lot of hell over it.  [Amazing what we got away with then, and that the guys at the Muni didn’t turn us in as truants.]

Back to normal…and continuing with Spring ’74…Oct. 15.



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