[Posted 1/8/08]

Headline in the Herald on 3/11/65… “Teenage Use of Liquor And Dope Seen Growing.”  It was reported “that some teenagers have given up beer for straight whiskey which they purchase either in New York and smuggle back into town, or pay some older person to buy in a local store.”  And yet “another source of supply for teenagers is the well-stocked family liquor cabinet.”  Of course this was before the proliferation of video cameras.

But there was another big topic in Summit in March ’65, as summed up in the headline “Mixed Feelings Expressed Over Anti-Smut Law.”  Recall, City Council was debating a proposal whereby those selling adult comic books and magazines to kids under 18 could face a $200 fine, 90-days, or both.  At one council meeting, 200 local residents showed up for the debate with 40 airing their opinion.  It was finally decided to postpone any final decision until April.  The Herald opined, “Censorship in any form, no matter how well-intentioned, sets a dangerous precedent.”

The Varsity basketball team finished up the year 17-5 after falling 70-41 to Newark South Side in the state tournament.

Henny Youngman was playing the Meadowbrook dinner theatre in Cedar Grove (Route 23) and the cost for the show, dinner and dancing was just $6.75.

The great women’s golfer Patty Berg put on a free exhibition at the Short Hills Golf Range.

“Goldfinger” was held over a number of weeks at The Strand, and I see that one day the high school was serving up “puree mongol” for lunch.  Goodness gracious.  I wonder if anyone ever did a study to see how these kids ended up 20 or 30 years later?

A few prices: Ambassador Deluxe Scotch, half gallon, $13.99.  Half gallon of ice cream, 59 cents.  Lean ground chuck, 59 cents/lb., but chuck steak was only 39 cents/lb.  Our family lived off chuck steak.

Another installment Jan. 31.  Does the smut ordinance pass?



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