[Posted 10/10/07]

The school budget of $3,446,647 was finally approved.  And, “A true value of all taxable property in Summit has been set at $227,451,412.”  The assessed valuation was 44.97%, or $102,284,000.

The controversy over the Erie-Lackawanna and its threat to shut down commuter service continued.  As I noted before, the railroad was losing $8 million annually, with the State kicking in just $2.2 million.

Bell Labs employees were being shifted all over the place.  4,100 were at Murray Hill in those days, but 2,000 were moving to Holmdel, while 2,000 were coming in from New York and other locations.

Four apartments on Deforest Ave. were burglarized on a Thursday afternoon.  The thief(s) netted just $100 plus some jewelry.

Metropolitan Opera star Jerome Hines was giving a concert at Summit High School.  I can’t imagine the accoustics were the same as his home hall, can you?

At the Grand Union:

“Smoked Butts”…65 cents per lb.
Temple oranges…10 for 49 cents.
Washington State apples…4 lbs. for only 59 cents.

The Boys Varsity basketball team by 2/18 was 14-3, 11-1 in the Suburban Conference and tied with New Providence with two games to go.  The stars back then were Jeff Hartlaub, Paul Prather, and transfer Jamie Roberts.

At The Strand, us kiddies were forced to sit through “The 7 Dwarfs to the Rescue,” while adults got “Sex and the Single Girl” with Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Henry Fonda, Lauren Bacall and Mel Ferrer.

2/18 featured the Grand Opening of the new Louvis Restaurant on 363 Springfield.  A “Charcoal Delight Restaurant.”  Great burgers there.

For the one-day Washington’s birthday sale, the New Hampshire House had a free continental breakfast for shoppers.  [Back before we lumped our two greatest presidents together.]

And as of 2/18…17,328 boxes of Girl Scout cookies had been sold in town.  The goal was for another 1,000.  No word on how many were Thin Mints.

More…Nov. 8.



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