The Summit City Council approved new wage hikes of 3-6 percent.  A probationary patrolman made $6,048 to a max $7,200 for a 1st class patrolman.  Sergeants made $7,485 to $8,135.  The police and fire chiefs earned $11,372 to $12,360…or about $6 an hour, max.

There was a measles epidemic in Morris and Essex counties, with one fatality in Morristown.  Measles most impacted children between 3 and 5 in those days.

Some prices…Schmidt-Ford…

A 1963 used Falcon Squire station wagon, $1495
A ’65 Thunderbird, $3595; a ’65 Mustang, $2195

Sports shirts, $5.95, at Tepper’s.

Get this…an NCR adding machine, $149 at Summit Typewriter.

Best hamburgers and shakes were still at Gruning’s.

Gary Davis, a junior at Summit High School, wrote a book on his experience as a batboy for the San Francisco Giants.  Davis struck up a friendship with Willie Mays in 1956 while on a family vacation at a hotel across from the Polo Grounds.  They lived out in California so he got the bat boy job when the Giants moved to San Francisco, where Gary lived.  Then the family moved east to Summit.

A car crash at the corner of Springfield and Morris claimed a mother of two.

At Scotti’s…”Hear a ‘Live’ Beach Boys Party!”  [The Beach Boys Live album.]

At the Strand, Cary Grant and Leslie Caron in “Father Goose.” My parents took me to this one instead of “Thunderball.”  I was ticked.  Also playing around this time, Charlton Heston is “The War Lord.” And “Help!” was coming.

McElgunn’s won the ‘best decorated window’ contest that Christmas.  Others in the running were Root’s, The Party Shop, and Fanny Farmer.

Kingsman Blended Scotch Whiskey, $6.10 a quart.  I imagine some of our dads were drinking this after a hard day at work, it being 1965, after all.

The Summit High School basketball team was off to a 4-0 start under coach Les Ammerman.  Some of the key players were Peter Nestler, Pete Moroney, Don Willey, Ray Tait, and Meili Stele.

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