The SHS football team finished the season at 6-3, 5-2 in conference play, as it lost on Thanksgiving Day, 21-20, to Chatham before 5,000 at Tatlock Field.  Jim Moore was the Hilltopper quarterback and had an outstanding season, 64 of 106 for 857 yards, but alas he threw three interceptions against Chatham.

Meawhile, the new additions at Brayton and Washington were near completion.

Roots merged with Hickey-Freeman Co.  Perry Root was named CEO.  Roots was such a huge operation “in the day.”

Speaking of retail, all of Summit’s retailers were open until 9:00 p.m. each night through Christmas.  Remember how shopping at night during Christmas was such a neat thing downtown?  Remember Summit’s Open Houses during Christmas?  I received a bunch of autographs one year, including the Knicks’ Willis Reed and the Jets’ Don Maynard at one of these events.  Oh, those were much simpler times (if you ignored geopolitical events that were of little concern to us kids in those days).

Like remember John Gambling?  The radio great was a staple in our house each morning.  You got your hard news, your sports from Don Criqui, and all the local gossip.  I bring him up because in December ’65, Gambling spoke to the Summit Old Guard, with a luncheon at Wally’s Tavern in Watchung….great burgers there.

A Summit resident was killed during this period in a hit-and-run accident on the Pulaski Skyway.   What a tragedy.  The Summit man was changing a tire, an Elizabeth man stopped to help, and both were killed.  Great police work led to an arrest in Newark just a few days later.

And at The Strand, Topo Giogio’s first full-length flick, plus “Casanova ’70”.

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