[Posted 7/17/07]

At Radio Sales on Maple Street, a Motorola 23″ color television and console cost $579! Geezuz, that was a ton of money back in ’64.

Summit’s football team was struggling; losing to pitiful Roselle Park (well, they were winless going in) and then defeating a lousy Caldwell squad, before a “sparse” Tatlock Field crowd of 1,200. 1,200! These days that would be about five times what they get. Summit’s record was now 2-5-1.

Crime was rampant during this period. Four youths busted up 48 parking meters and took $180, but they were caught, and the loot recovered. Kind of a “Cool Hand Luke” deal, I guess.

But here’s one for you. Three men, one armed, forced themselves into an Edgewood Road home, bound up a maid, who was there alone, and ransacked the place. And who did the home belong to? Why Maurice Siegel, of Siegel’s Stationery. The maid wouldn’t cough up details on where the valuables were so they tied her up. The suspects may still be at large and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Water was a big issue during this time. There was a drought, with only half an inch of rain in Oct., and the local water authorities announced Summit had 120 days supply left. The mayor banned outside fires…..it was a tinderbox, I tell ya!

But fear not…by the end of November, sufficient rains had returned and everyone celebrated with a fall barbecue.

One other big news item during this time was the Erie-Lackawanna’s threatened shutdown of commuter service because of the huge deficits it was piling up. The problem was it made money during rush hour, and then got crushed during off-peak periods. Of course in this regard absolutely nothing has changed.

Summit teachers were the 2nd highest paid in the County; $5,100 to $10,600. Berkeley Heights’ scale only went up to $8,800. Summit had a merit system that wasn’t in place in most communities in those days.

Mail carriers carried dog repellent bombs; aerosol spray cans that were filled with a mixture of 85% mineral oil and 15% cayenne pepper.

Scotti’s was advertising “The Beach Boys in Concert” LP. I can’t believe the store is still around, given today’s music environment.

And at The Strand, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown,” with Debbie Reynolds.

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