Police and firemen in town were getting a 6% raise to $7,200, the max in the 5th year.  Sergeants and lieutenants earned $7,500+.

I saw a fascinating obituary.  Dr. Robert Williams of Woodland Ave., 79.  Dr. Williams was born in India of missionary parents and was the discoverer of vitamin B-1.  He worked at Bell Labs for much of his career and during World War II led a national program of enrichment of bread and flour.

But in 1950, Dr. Williams almost died in a freakish car accident.  He was parked on Union Place when his car suddenly lurched forward, he went through an iron gate, and plunged 20 feet to the platform of the Summit train station…but he walked away!

The United Campaign held a parade with 3,000 spectators.  [A different time.]

As of Sept. 30, there had been 302 auto accidents in Summit in ’65, with a resident killed in a crash at the corner of Maple and Springfield the week of 10/7.  The safety record then was pitiful, and of course we weren’t wearing seat belts.

Speaking of which, I saw an ad in The Herald that read, “The Giant Killer Rides Again.”  The Rambler!

Here’s another ad… “Jimmy Durante says, ‘Food is a bargain’ and you’re sure of quality, too, at Kings.”  Huh?  Jimmy Durante for Kings?  By the way, at Kings, Chocolate Ice Milk with marshmallows, only 89 cents for a half gallon.  Steer Beef Liver, 49 cents a lb.  [I still haven’t forgiven my mother for serving liver on a weekly basis in my youth.]

Overlook Hospital’s annual Follies fundraiser attracted 300 for talent night.

Remember how your parents used to bitch about the long waits at the auto inspection centers?  The Herald ran articles then on which ones were quickest (Westfield…8 minute wait) and slowest (Morristown…33 minutes).  I seem to remember the wait times were a lot longer than that, like 1-2 hours.

A 3BR colonial in the Franklin school district was listed at $27,000.

Summit football, under coach Howie Anderson, upped its record to 3-1, 2-0 in Suburban Conference play, with wins over New Providence, 26-6, and Millburn, 19-13.  A capacity crowd was on hand at Tatlock Field for the NP contest.

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