Summit hosted the Detroit Symphony.  This was a big deal in ’65 because this orchestra was one of the best in the world at the time and the Herald had a glowing editorial following the performance.  Anyway, I was just curious and went on the symphony’s web site because I haven’t heard anything about it in a long time.  Turns out they gave a concert last June (’08), where a robot manufactured by Honda, of all people, conducted a song.  [You’d think the Detroit Symphony would be a little more parochial these days.]

Meanwhile, outside the Shop Rite back in late May, 1965, a Summit police officer was ticketing an illegally parked car on Park Ave. when the owner objected and both he and his friend assaulted the officer as a crowd of 25 stood by and did nothing.  [In our town of Summit, folks.]  But off-duty officer Lonnie Davis, who was shopping in the Shop Rite at the time, heard a commotion and broke it up.  The patrolman wasn’t hurt badly and the two thugs were arrested.

Then there was this bizarre story where a dead body was found in a car on Aubrey Street.  What happened was two guys, a Summit resident and an acquaintence from New Providence, went bar-hopping in Manhattan.  The Summit man was driving home when his friend climbed into the back seat to go to sleep.  When the Summit man reached home, he couldn’t arouse his friend, nor did he know his exact address in NP.  So he went inside, got a blanket, and covered his friend up for the night.  When he went to the car in the morning, the man was dead.  Hey, this was big stuff in Summit in those days…or any day around these parts for that matter.

Coach Howie Anderson’s football team was having a solid season, moving to 5-1 (4-0 in Suburban Conference play), with a 14-13 win over Caldwell and then a 61-0 pasting of Verona at their place, before a “small gathering of fans” as the Herald put it, Verona being 0-6.

The following week, though, Summit lost to Madison 35-14 before 5,000 at Tatlock Field.  5,000!  There was now a four-way tie for the Suburban Conference lead between Summit, Madison, Millburn and Chatham at 4-1.

Peter, Paul and Mary was performing at Newark Symphony Hall.  [They were hot then.]

I saw an ad for Trost’s.  That brings back such great memories.  I’d pick up the bread for Mom and then eat about three glazed donuts before getting home.  And remember how big their donuts were?

Overlook Hospital had a big spread in the Herald on their stroke rehab facilities.  We’re talking 44 years ago, and some of their techniques seemed so primitive compared to today.

The varsity soccer team finished up 6-7-2.

Summit graduate John Mallory was now a sophomore football standout at West Virginia and he had 136 yards on six punt returns in a game against Citadel.  Against Richmond he had a 74-yard punt return for a TD.  Earlier he had a 65-yard TD run out of the wingback slot.

Six cans of Campbell’s soup for just $1.  Two 45-oz. cans of Hawaiian Punch only 55 cents at Kings.

But this was kind of interesting to moi.  It’s 1965 and a men’s V-neck sweater, regularly $12.95, was on sale at Tepper’s for $7.99.  43 years later, Christmas ’08, the retailers were discounting so heavily, you could pick up sweaters at Macy’s for $15 if you knew where to look.  That kind of says it all about the state of retail and our economy these days.

At The Strand, “Marriage on the Rocks” with Frank Sinatra, Deborah Kerr, and Dean Martin.  Oh yeah, they were partying off set.  And for the kids, “Rumpelstiltskin.”  This flick freaked me out.

Next installment, Feb. 17.


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