[Posted 6/26/07]

Big battle on the municipal front during this time over police pay. PBA President Lonnie Davis represented the men as they argued for more than the $5,440 to $6,800 starting salary (the lower figure representing the probationary amount), that then escalated up to $12,000 if you were chief. The firemen in Summit were paid the same amounts.

Ginny Duenkel, a senior at West Orange High School, though she did her swimming at the Summit YMCA, won gold at the Tokyo Olympics in the 400-meter freestyle. Whaddya know?

The football team was struggling, losing 2 of 3 during this three-week stretch as the overall mark fell to 1-4-1. You can’t lose the likes of John Mallory to graduation and not feel an impact.

A lead editorial in the Herald bemoaned the lack of moral values in our community as Halloween approached. Boy, I don’t remember this but vandalism back in ’64 was much worse than when we grew up a bit later. Kids back then smeared paint over houses and ripped up shrubs and plants. The Herald declared, “The job must start at home!”

Well, as it turned out Halloween went off with little real mischief reported as, get this, Police Chief John Sayre ordered his entire department out from 6:30-11:00 p.m.

And back then you had the big news that men’s haircuts were rising to $2.00 from $1.75. I bet you don’t remember that there was a barbershop cartel in those days. 95 barbershops in Union County had hiked to $2 on Oct. 19, but the Summit/New Providence clippers were the last to submit to the price increase. [The gals could get a perm at Tepper’s for $12.50…the works.]

The City Council was trying to decide on the cost of needed additions to Washington and Brayton Schools and finally settled on $900,000, collectively.

Other tidbits:

“The Fall of the Roman Empire” was playing at the Strand. We’re talkin’ Sophia Loren! [And Stephen Boyd.]

If you opened up a Christmas account at Union County Trust Co., you received two Bayberry candles!

Beefaroni was being served at the high school, in case your older brother or sister was having digestive problems at this time. Lord knows what all was in there, looking back on it.

And you just can’t make this item up. Rain canceled a “seat belt clinic.” Yup, a clinic on wearing seat belts that was scheduled for the parking lot at Kemper Insurance.

I also didn’t quite believe this one. You could buy a ’65 Triumph Spitfire for $2199. But the payoff was the car was advertised as getting “up to 35 miles per gallon.” A spitfire? 35 mpg?

Lastly, you’re probably wondering how the 1964 presidential election went. Sorry, Goldwater supporters, but your candidate got trounced. In fact, LBJ received 5926 votes to Goldwater’s 4985 in town [54%, vs. Johnson’s 61% nationwide.] Meanwhile, Republican Congresswoman Flo Dwyer won reelection by defeating Democrat Richard Traynor, 7148-3705 in Summit.

Remember kids…”It’s Roy’s Hobby Shop for your Halloween needs”

More July 19.



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